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We Train Your Dog

We Train Your Dog

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The Bully Revolution is based in the Illawarra region of NSW Australia. We are specialist Bull Breed Trainers who focus on fixing 'Leash Reactive' and 'Problem' dogs into the stable companions they deserve to be. We train any breed of any size in our 'Rehabilitation Programs' which creates dogs their owners are proud of. We service clients within the Illawarra & Sydney as well as Skype Consults world wide.


Meet the Owner James Maturana

James first dog was Collie x Border Collie who he picked up at 6 weeks of age. He gained his name at 7 weeks after he caught a giant RAT near the chook pen and got named Killer for his giant accomplishment. James joined his local dog training club a few months into owning him as Killer was not your typical Border Collie but a strong dominant male dog.  Imagine what people used to think when they saw this amazing tri coloured Collie with flowing long fur with a name like that! Because of Killer's nature and James's rapid progression to the top level of obedience, he started training Killer to be his first personal protection dog. Back in the day he used to do it right on the grass at the front of his parents suburban yard. It didnt' matter what all the passers by thought, nor that neighbors thought he was that weird dog kid! 25 years later & James still considers himself that weird dog kid 😉


Who We Are

The Bully Revolution was born from a combination of James's many years training working line dogs & his own hobby breeding of American Staffordshire Terriers & more recently the American Bully. Through this experience breeding & training, he came across many dogs with severe behaviour issues such as Leash Reactivity, Dog on Dog Aggression, hyperactivity and in some sad cases, fear.

He put together a program that help many of our clients dogs become once again balanced animals that become confident, relaxed and true companions for their families.

Our Philosophy

Training dogs is about opening up the communication between us and them. In our lives we want dogs that fit right into our everyday activities, but its up to us to teach them what right and wrong is when living in a human world. By giving them clear guidance and leadership we can open the 'real dog within' and give them the freedom of life they also deserve.

What Our Clients Say?

" We adopted a dog from the RSPCA when he was 3months old. He must have had an abhorrent start to his life as he was always scarred and anxious... It was a huge effort to take him for simple walks as he was uncontrollable. After spending time with James he has completely transformed into a well behaved good natured dog. Thankyou James! "

-- Lisa Abdullah

" I would highly recommend these guys to anyone! They are so passionate about what they do and definitely know their stuff. Do not hesitate to ring them! "

-- Whitney Carr

" Unbelievable !!! After just one visit we have noticed the difference in our dogs behaviour and highly recommend the bully revolution to anyone in need of obedience training 10/10 "

-- Matt Cambridge